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RiduciEpic: 1968-1983 VKØVK

VK0VK small.JPGVic Kitney, VKØVK tells the WAP Readers his experience during the stay at Mawson Station 1968-1983. TNX Vic VKØVK & Mal VK6LC
Click on Vic's pic here at left, to get the story, and enjoy it.


Antmap.jpgStory of 1964 Expedition  to Candlemas Island Camp, South SandwichWritten by the operator: Ken Randall G3RFH-VP8HF/VP8.
To get it,  just click on the Map at your left

RiduciDX-WORLD for DXers


by Carlo IK6CAC
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RiduciWorldwide News

Traveling Antarctica 
Steppes Travel are experts in Antarctica holidays. They’ve built an impressive reputation for Antarctica cruises based on detailed first-hand knowledge and forged long-standing partnerships with all the leading small ship boat operators. Please visit the Steppes site for more info.”

Welcome to the Antarctic Portal, for Hams & Chasers

HI Folks,


You are on the WAP website...




.... Now and the future ....


WAP, Worldwide Antarctic Program, dedicated to Hams
& Antarctic Chasers
We are on, since 1979
 Enjoy it as much as we do.....

.... Antarctic passion lives here !

WAP  Staff




New WACA & WADA Directories  (2017 Rel.1.29) are on line.

From here, you can download a "set of  tools" that will help your personal  approach to the three main chapters of  Ham Activity in Antarctica:
WADA-Referenced Base's Directory
WACA-Callsigns used & in use
MM-Maritime Mobile surfing Antarctic & Sub-Antarctic waters

New WACA & WADA Rules (2015), application forms and request modules are on line. (Eleventh Edition, Jan. 2012,  Release 1.189
Download it now (zip file)

 Bulletin 273
                                 issued  April 25th 2017  is on line!!!!

Several Updates are available to download: New directories, rules, application and request forms for both WACA & WADA Awards.
Don't forget to visit the WAP Antarctic QSL Gallery. Over 2,000 QSLs  to enjoy the last 60 years of Ham Radio in Antarctica. 
Clik on QSL Gallery on the Menu Banner an surf it!

 Antarctic Bases, Camps , Refuges, Huts and more:

22compass.gifWAP WADA Directory 2017

Antarctic, Sub-Antarctic and Peri-Antarctic Directory 
Edition (Release 1-29)  04-Jan. 2017
Click on the compass to download WADA Directory in .pdf format (3.477 MB)


Callsigns in use, or used in Antarctica

mas_blu2.gifWAP WACA Directory 2017

Antarctic, Sub-Antarctic and Peri-Antarctic Callsigns Directory
Edition (Release 1-29) 04-Jan. 2017
Click on the penguin to download WACA DBase in .pdf format (368 KB)



(New Directory)

Temporary Draft Copy
Click on the LH gif to download it

Maritime Mobile
stations, operating in Antarctic, Sub & Peri-Antarctic waters, from onboard of Polar ships
POLAR SHIP BOOK  Click on the front cover here below, to download it. (17,3 MB) .zip
by: Alberto Mattei IT9MRM


 2007 Edition 
TNX: IT9MRM Alberto Mattei of the Italian Navy 
.pdf version

to download the list of Polar Ship updated to 4th Dec.2009. TNX IT9MRM


28-04-2008: Thanks to Didier F6ELE, Catherine F8CIQ & Patrice F6JOB a French version of WACA rules is available to donwnload!!!

RiduciWAP-Visitors WorldWide from 1-1-2010

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Interactive WAP Bases Map
Please Click on Blue Ball to open the interactive Map 
Many thanks to  Alex VE3NEA for such a great job! 
WARNING: You need Google Earth to use this map
To install it please click here
RiduciBases and facilities in Antarctica

Kindly supplied by Darek SP6NVK

Another useful tool to get practice with Bases in Antarctica
Warning: You need to have Google Earth insatalled in your PC to run it

Authorized links

Link authorized the 28 January 2006 by
Mrs. Emily Stone @ Antsun

Australian Antarctic Magazine
Link authorized by Wendy Pyper, Editor of AAM @ADD
Aut. Mrs. Ursula Ryan @Antarctic New Zeland
logo MNA.jpg
Logo PNRA.jpg 
Logo IPY r.jpg
Authorized by  Mr. Nicola Munro
IPY International Programme Office
(Aut. Nr. 1229 of 18 July 2007)
United States Antarctic Program
National Science Foundation

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